Colposcopy (kol-poss-kapee)


why is a colposcopy done?

如果您的异常结果,可能会进行阴道镜检查cervical screening (smear) test。o这r reasons include having an abnormal lump or growth on your cervix or vagina.

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colposcopy can help diagnose conditions like:

  • cervical cancer
  • non-cancerous growths or polyps
  • inflammation of the cervix
  • 生殖器疣。

For more than half of women who have a colposcopy abnormal cells will be found in their cervix. This doesn't mean they have cervical cancer, but abnormal cells can sometimes develop into cancer if they're not treated.



colposcopy通常会在医院诊所完成特别训练有素的护士或医生((colposcopist).如果你愿意specialistto carry out your colposcopy,let theclinicknow


  • 步骤about 15 minutes
  • 我t can feel awkward and uncomfortable, but is not usually painful.您可以随时要求停止该程序。
  • 您将被要求李e在您的背上,就像宫颈筛查测试一样。
  • 在过程中,您会瘦metal tube (speculum) put into your vagina to hold it open. This issimilar towhen you have cervical screening (a smear test).
  • socolposcopistcan seeyour cervix, a阴道镜位于阴道外,其光向宫颈上。他们可以将液体放在您的子宫颈上,以便可以更好地看到宫颈细胞。这可能就像刺痛或刺痛。
  • 小的samples of tissue (biopsies) may be removed for further testing.this may feel like a mildpinching或刮擦Feeling.


我f you haven't had a biopsy, you will be able to carry on with your normal activities straight after the procedure.

如果你有做了一个活切片检查,你可以得到一些cramping similar to period pain. You may also have some vaginal discharge of light bleeding for a few days. It's best to avoid vigorous exercise, sexual intercourse and the use of tampons for a couple of days and until the bleeding has stopped. You can shower, but don't have a bath or a swim and don't use spa pools.

一个re there any risks involved in a colposcopy?

c元镜检查is usually a safe procedure but as with any程序有风险Contact your healthcare provider as soon as you can or callHealthline(0800 611 116)寻求建议如果您在治疗后遇到以下任何症状:

  • signs of infection, eg,vaginal discharge, pain in your lower tummy that doesn’t go away or fever.
  • bleeding that's heavier than your usual period, orlasts longer than a week.


如果找不到异常细胞,通常会立即告诉您specialistyou will still need to attend routine cervical screening appointments in the future.

我f you have had a biopsy, the tissue sample will be sent to a lab for analysis. It can take about a month forcolposcopy specialistto receive and review the results.打电话clinicif you haven’t heard anything in a month.诊所将讨论your resultswithyou,and they will also share this with your usual doctor。很少有col如果结果不确定,则可能需要重复代理。阅读更多有关results of biopsy tests.


以下链接提供了有关阴道镜检查的更多信息。beaware that websites from other countries may have information that differs from New Zealand recommendations.

Having a colposcopytime to Screen National Screening Unit, NZ
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Having a colposcopytime to Screen National Screening Unit, NZ
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